3 Secrets to Finding the Best Freelancer for Your Business

Updated: Aug 30, 2018

Starting a journey as an #entrepreneur can be inspiring and need conviction. Hiring freelancers along the way will help your company to gain a momentum and productivity.

Hiring a Freelancer

When I started my content writing business Sparks Concepts, I required articles my clients that could enhance my services and help grow my brand. Instead of contacting a full-time article or content writer, I approached several #freelancers to help in the writing procedure.

However, it is quite challenging to find freelancers who can benefit your business while being cost-effective too.

To finding the best freelancer for your business, I have come up with 3 things that you should keep in mind when looking for a freelancer.

Let’s take a look.

1. Plan first

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

Without a well-crafted #plan, any project is bound to fail.

Plan what your requirements are and then approach the freelancers.

A gradual strategic planning is what it takes to develop outstanding products and services, and of course your experience along the way also counts.

If you hope that freelancers would come up with something magical overnight, that is not going to happen.

2. Relationship building

Don’t rush in selecting freelancers for your business.

After you plan carefully what is your requirement, then approach the right people.

There are several #platforms that will allow you to find suitable freelancers. For example, Freelancer.com has recruiting services like the HR company. Platforms like these will help you to delegate your hiring task.

In case if you plan to conduct the hiring on your own, then you will have to consider few important things in an application prior finalizing someone for freelancing.

You should consider your freelancer employee as a permanent #employee to ensure that he/she is dependable. These few things include:

  • Check if they know what your business is all about.

  • Check if they have some experience in your niche.

  • Check if they have got any referrals.

3. Clear communication

When you are working with freelancers, it is important to ensure that things are clear between you two.

Ensure clear communication regarding the progress and performance regularly. If you are not satisfied, change your freelancer because if you won’t change, it can cost you a lot in future.

Also, it is important to give same kind of attention to the freelancers as you give to your permanent employees.

If you have developed a clear communication with your freelancer and things are going fine and as planned, then chances are that your freelancers would be building an incredible service or product for your company.

A great freelancer is an asset for your company. However, their hiring process is mostly overlooked. Trying to find the right match for your business can take time.

The potential for freelancers cannot be counted due to the evolution of global network over the period of time. If you are struggling to find a certain skill-set for your business, it’s high time you go for a freelancer.


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