5 Things Writers Need to Earn a Living

Let’s start with a word of wisdom. People do not make a living writing. They need to find something strong and practical to do with their lives.

Earn a Living

Intelligent writers these days pass around disaster tales on #Facebook. There are writing assignment for peanuts that literally makes fun of your skill, only offers disrespect and dejection of our expertise.

And still, if you observe this digital arena, it is encompassed with words. the aim of creating digital content is to be able to share that content. It has to be worth sharing!

Whether it is a piece of text, audio or a video, all requires writing that valuable enough for readers to invest their time.

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If you are a writer by profession (and you love it), you can get nonsense assignments for rubbish money with rubbish dealing.

Alternatively, you can opt something respectful. There is a better option.

During my professional writing experience, I have observed some essential strengths, skill-sets and characteristics that create the difference between an undervalued writer (even who writers well but not paid well) and a writer earning a living.

Let’s see what I am talking about.

#1: Fall in love

Love Your Work!

Sounded too mushy? If you are a writer, you will understand (I am sure).

So far I have realized that there is no alternative for love of writing. Love makes you write right! Spending several hours wandering around the house with a dust-bin full of rejected drafts are not giving you the right content yet.

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You need to fall in love with your writing and your topic and things will come out naturally.

#2: Serve your audience

Serve your Audience

If you are writing for yourself and pursued to share your life’s truth, experiences and moments then it is a supreme art.

When writing to earn a living, though, your audience – readers, followers or listeners – should be your focus.

Professional writers work for their audience. Offering valuable, engaging content that entice them to read and read again.

Content marketers, professional bloggers, and novelists all focus to serve their readers. even if you crafted a perfectly expressive phrase, if it is not serving your audience, it’s gone.

#3: Be Confident

Be Confident

One of the most common reason why writers are not able to earn a living from their writing is their feeling of being insecure. You know what? It doesn’t need to be this way.

You will gain confidence by putting your work persistently and back by research, specialization and understanding the difference you are making to your audience.

Expert writers are proud and humble simultaneously.

This confidence and gratitude comes from investing several hours of conscious practice.

You will need to expand your skills and opt for work that challenges your inner potential to foster. The humbleness comes from the insight that a professional is always learning, improving and growing.

#4: Get Trained

Get Trained to Achieve More

Many of you must think that if someone has a skilled writing with a strong concept about the serial comma, then they are expert writers.

Not actually.

Highly #successful writers are artists of word making as well as effective strategists. They know what forms of content drives attraction and stands out amidst a sea of content writers, to encourage buying, and to support the readers make the transition from interested spectator to a loyal client.

Strong writing strategy come from practice and training. You must be thinking where to get this training I am talking about. Well, the answer is your very own Internet. Several websites are offering free training in form of highly informative blogs, articles, e-books and videos. One such example is CopyBlogger.

#5: Assure Discipline

Discipline to Accomplish Your Goals

I guess this one should top the rest.


Well, even if you have become an excellent wordsmith with a brilliant strategic intellect, if you do not dedicate your practice to the generate a substantial amount of work, you are not going to get your goals.

Discipline (to a huge extent), is a combination of activities that can be refined. Being a writer, you cannot tie together work environment, rituals and be a productive professional.

If you are working for earning a living, you need to discipline your activities that will assure you to meet your deadlines, offer swift feedback to your customers and invoice timely.

If you are concerned enough, I am sure you will be up for all these traits just explained. They will keep on the right track to achieve your income goals!

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