How to Use Amazon Affiliate to Boost your Sales

Updated: Sep 17, 2018

Bloggers, influences and online marketers enjoy great benefits from affiliate programs. If they are able to generate sale through the provided (affiliate) links, they get a commission.

How to Use Amazon Affiliate Program to Boost Sales

Bloggers, influences and online marketers enjoys great benefits from affiliate programs. If they are able to generate sale through the provided (affiliate) links, they get a commission.

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Amazon’s Affiliate Program is one of the most popular affiliate programs available. They offer you affiliate links of their products which can redirect people from your blog or website to the Amazon’s site, increasing your sales and offering a commission to you.

This is a great way for you to make a decent income, however if you are not availing its optimum potential, you are missing a huge opportunity to increase your FBA profits.

Amazon Affiliate Program presents a range of perks to you as a marketer or affiliate.

They offer a commission earned after every single sale completed through your affiliate link. Although, the commissions are lower as compared to other affiliate programs, but Amazon will give you commission on any other purchase the visitor make during that session (started by your affiliate link).

Provided the impulsive shopping tendencies of people for Amazon’s products, this becomes a huge benefit for you as their affiliate.

Let’s see how exactly Amazon Affiliate Program offers you perks (which I am talking about) as a seller.

More sales potential

Amazon offers increased sales potential

Amazon is huge and marketing your products hugely depends on your audience. This can be challenging to get the results organically which means investing money on email campaigns or advertising to attract current or potential buyers to do shopping. This money is worth spending, however the Affiliate Program costs you nothing and you can get buyers from distinct places too.

When you create an affiliate association with influencers and bloggers in your niche, you are reaching in to their area.

They have created credibility with their audience and if they refer your product directly or place a banner ad for it on their website, new buyers are more likely to sense that your offering is worth their money.

Also, because these potential clients are coming to your product from a trustworthy source to buy a product from another credible source, Amazon, they are huge chances they will end up buying your offering.

More Revenue

Increase Your Revenue with Amazon Affiliate Program

With Amazon Affiliate Program, you will not be making more sales, but more revenue too. If you don’t have your own e-store developed to sell Amazon products, you can use Amazon affiliate link on your existing site or blog. There are so options to do that:

- You can dedicate a page that offers all the information a client might be looking to know about your product

- You can place links on your pages within blog posts content

- You can several enhancement features offered by Amazon to place throughout your website

When visitors click through these links, you can get a commission if they do not buy any product. If they visit Amazon through your link and then sprawl across the website for shopping other items, you will get a commission on those purchases.

However, be cautious while you link with your products. You should read Amazon’s Participation Requirements.

This guide will help you understand the violating issues and terms of the affiliate program. For example, it will be a violation to place your own links to do your own shopping and you cannot ask your friend and family to make purchases through your links.

I know its natural if you are thinking to do this, but it would be wrong for you to use your own links to get commission on your shopping.

Amazon teaches well

Amazon Gives Useful Insight

As a successful marketer, I know what it means to gain useful insights and data about my customers and their purchasing pattern that helps me in improving my marketing activities.

Amazon’s Affiliate Program presents you the opportunity to learn about some of the most important information that will make you grateful to them in future.

When a client clicks on your affiliate link, there will be a tracking cookie generated in their browser that will record their activities and reports to Amazon.

You will be able to check this tracking information, purchases and click-through.

If someone clicks through your link, chances are that they like the product and it is useful to understand what else they are looking for.

Keeping an eye on this tracking information enables you to expand your product base and offer more related products. This will improve your marketing through a deeper realization of your clients’ specific interests.

The Amazon Affiliate Program is not only simple to use, boost sales and revenues, it provides you endless opportunities to expand your marketing activities. You might have to try a little with their offering to see what will be the best match for you.

However, the money making prospects are there only if you are willing to reap them up!

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