3 Tricks to Use Pinterest for Affiliate Marketing

Updated: Oct 2, 2018

Are you using Pinterest to make money?

Do you know Pinterest can be used to promote affiliate links?

If you don’t, then let me tell you that Pinterest has become a huge platform for marketers due to its search for promoting inspiring brands.

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Affiliate Marketing with Pinterest

In this post, I am going to reveal how to plan for and use affiliate links to start your Pinterest marketing.

After Pinterest allowed to use affiliate links, we are free to pin as many affiliate links as we want. The key is to plan your Pinterest profile in a way that you earn money without creating a fuss for your followers.

Some tips to optimize your Pinterest profile will help you get started and properly utilize the affiliate links through the portal. You need to increase the visibility for those boards that have your affiliate links.

#1 Plan Pinterest Boards to Promote Products

Prior you start pinning with the affiliate links, make sure that your boards on your profile showcase your brand or business.

It’s better to make the overall look of your Pinterest profile clear and precise so that your followers can grab the idea of your offering in a second, don’t tire them with too much written content.

For instance, if you check my Pinterest profile, you will instantly get to notice that it’s all about blogging, writing prompts and online business.

In addition, you can also provide a clear statement at the top of your Pinterest profile and give a suitable title to all of your boards that should be related to the brand or product you are offering. Also, using keywords in your board titles will help you appear in search results.

Then, start pinning relevant material and make a good collection in your boards.

This method will not only help you develop a branded/business feel of your Pinterest profile, but it also will show the most relevant tips and ideas collected for your audience, a useful resource.

Next, you should consider boards that are a natural match for pins of your affiliate products or offers.

#2 Pin Affiliate Products in Your Boards

To do this, you need to select a product and the board you wish to pin it in. let’s say you have an affiliate link for website hosting services, you can pin this one into your board related to the website resources and tools.

After pinning, click edit on the pin and replace the original website link with your affiliate link for that product.

Save and your pin is active with your affiliate link.

#3 Promote Affiliate Link Pins

After adding the affiliate links to the products, you need to promote them.

An effective way to promote your affiliate link pins is to share them on your other social media profiles and groups. Make sure you add a SEO friendly description to each of your pin to give it value and authenticity.

Also, keep in mind that it is important to expose affiliate links genuinely. Avoid being fake and always bear in mind that your prime motive should be to help other readers to find products or information that can be useful, motivational, or inspirational to them. So, focus on sharing things that can offer some value to your readers’, don’t annoy them. This will naturally increase your sales and click through ratios.

Extra insights:

  • The FTC needs that you reveal any affiliate links used for your marketing objectives.

  • It is critical to note that few businesses support the affiliate links to be promoted on Pinterest while others don’t’. So, make sure to check each company’s policy you are affiliating with.

  • Make sure you use the complete URL of your affiliate link. Cutting it short with Bitly can hinder the tracking.

Final Words

Affiliate marketing is an effective way to promote services and help your audience find the trusted products. if done in the right manner, affiliate marketing can help you achieve increased traffic with a source of passive income.

I hope you find this post useful and will try these tips and see what work best for you. It’s worth to keep on trying until you get the best method that matches with your audience.

I would love to have your thoughts, and experiences with the Pinterest affiliate marketing technique.

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