5 Steps to Launch Your Small Business Blog

Updated: Feb 11

You understand how much a blog can be important for your small business, but you are not sure where to begin. If that’s your story, read on and follow the five simple steps given to help you get started right away!

A complete guide to start your business blog today!

If your business has a WordPress website and you wish to add a blog to it, you can follow the instruction on their dashboard.

To start a blog to your current non-WordPress website needs a more technical process and you might need to ask a web designer or developer to include a blog.

However, if you are beginning from scratch, this post will offer 5 simple steps to launch your own small business blog right away.

1. Choose a blogging platform

It is an important choice to make before you head on to launch your new business blog. Why? Because choosing the wrong platform may make things quite difficult for you than they should be.

There are several blogging platforms available for you to choose from; however, I will talk about the ones with more versatility and simplicity, like WordPress. There are two forms of WordPress websites and it is crucial for you to select the right one for your business blog. WordPress.com allows you to set up a blog and its domain in minutes.

However, I would suggest you go with WordPress.org for your business blog and create your personalized self-hosted blog page. This is a simple option and with a bit of technical help, you are good to begin your business blog with WordPress.org.

Both of these options are free. Domain registration and hosting will cost a reasonable price.

Other free options that you explore include Weebly, Wix, Drupal, and Joomla. However, you should know that most of these platforms are not suitable for a business blog later on. Limitations with respect to website design, SEO and functionality might make it very complex for you to run an effective business blog.

So, choose wisely.

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2. Choose a WordPress theme

My favorite feature of a WordPress website is that they allow you to personalize the look and theme of your blog is very simple steps. There a huge selection of free themes in the WordPress Theme Directory. If you like, check out their premium (paid) themes websites like ThemeForest.

While you are selecting a theme for your new business blog, bear these points in mind:

- Responsiveness of the theme (display on a range of devices like tablets, desktop, or smartphones)

- Customer support or support forum options

- Level of customization (color, navigation, widgets or buttons)

3. Get a domain name

Done with choosing the right blogging platform for your business? Good, now choose a domain name. This will be the URL of your blog website and you can get it from domain registration websites like GoDaddy and NameCheap, or 1&1.

The domain can be acquired at almost $10/year and it can be reduced if you choose to pay for over a year. Try to select a .com domain name, if possible, and go with your trademark business title if available. Assure that your domain is simple and easy to recall. Still, it should be unique enough to differentiate your business from others with a similar title.

4. Buy Web Hosting Service

Even if your WordPress website is free, you will need to have your blog hosted that can cost you more than your domain price. There are various web hosting services, few of the most popular ones are Hostgator, GoDaddy, 1&1, and Blue Host.

5. Prepare your agenda, and start blogging!

Here comes the fun part. It is the reason for launching your business blog. However, before you start writing, it is important to assume the objective of your blog.

For example, highlight these questions and answer while making blog posts:

  • The major objective of your blog. Is it to acquire leads, develop your email list or to gain expertise in your field?

  • Commitment. You should decide how often you will be blogging. An ideal frequency is 2-3 times per week.

  • Determine the style of the blog. Will it be academic, fun, casual or directive?

  • The activity on your blog. Will you offer a sales page? An email opt-in box or a request form?

After you get your agenda, start blogging. Focus on ideas where you have special knowledge to share with your audience, or where you can actually add value to the topic. Do not just state what everyone else is stating. You should be original and blog about subjects that are of value to your readers.

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Get ready to jump-start your own business blog. If there is something I can help you with, share now!


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