Get Over These Three Biggest Blogging Challenges

I am sure there are so many people out there who will give their million dollar advice that if you wish to promote your business – anything for that matter – you need to have a blog.

Overcome Blogging Challenges

They say, ‘Don’t get scared, simply begin with a free account on Blogger, Google some good content ideas and rewrite them with juicy blogging material and that search engine traffic will start to roll in your website!’

You think they are giving you an honest advice?

Or might be they are sending you to the blogging arena of eternal rest similar to the Everest’s permafrost.

Well, I have a good news.

Publishing a successful blog website that helps your business objectives

Think that person is doing you a favor?

Or might they be sending you to the blogging equivalent of eternal rest as part of Everest’s permafrost?

Let me give you good news.

Making a successful blog that helps you attain your business objectives is so much easier than trekking over Mount Everest (less change of dying or getting frostbites).

However there are times when you begin when it doesn’t seem easier than trekking Everest.

May be you have been stuck with 23 visitors per a month and you have already pinged everyone in your circle until they ignore your calls, or maybe you have been wrestling with self-hosted WordPress $%^&* for a while and right now your tears are bursting out, or you might be thinking that everything you have posted until now is quite stupid.

If you are thinking all these circumstances will never let you run a successful blog, then you need a detox. You are simply lacking training.

So here are few ways to cope up three of the biggest blogging hurdles that you may have to deal with. The sooner you overcome these hurdles, the sooner you will begin the fun part of blogging.

No I am not saying it’s an easy way to success, but it is also not as complex as it may looks right now to you.

If you are haunted with the technology

I will accept it, I am not a technology idiot.

I am worse. I am nearly a technology idiot. Since I have mastered formatting a bullet point list in HTML, I assume that I can do anything.

This assumption is not right.

I have spent days to resolve a technological issue that a well-trained technology buff could resolve in 20 minutes.

Now I believe it can be learned. Just need a little determination and focused attention.

But is that really what you should invest your time in?

If you are thinking your brains out for resolving technological issues and trying to make things work, allow me to advice you that you should forget your favorite activities for a few days or weeks (coffee with friends, iPad, cute dresses) and hire somebody to assist you in accomplishing this task.

There are several people who will help you in setting up a WordPress site for a reasonable cost. And there are several others very potential people who can help you with related things.

Consume instant noodles for a month, but get some assistance.

Then take the time you have saved and create a simple product. Get it onto your new (perfectly functioning) blog.

If you are stuck with low traffic

The loneliest and the hardest of feelings that you might get in the blogging journey is getting stuck with low traffic. It feels bad (really bad) when you are writing and publishing your content and you are not sure if anyone is reading that at all.

The first training trick is to invest that time making your blog at a place valuable of that entire readership you want to appeal.

If you gained 10,000 readers a day, what would they read? Four posts about your dog, one about how you cannot handle Twitter, and that “Hi everyone” post that you never thought to delete when you set up WordPress?

So, write some good content. And make your blog a place worth visiting again and again.

Once you have got it, it is time to do some guest postings on other blogs. Get familiarized with people with same niches blogs. Make smart comments on their publications. Stay interesting and helpful.

Offer guest posts starting with smaller blogs initially, then approach medium to bigger blogs gradually.

Guest posts are one of the best ways to develop your audience, find followers and increase your subscribers.

If you are out of content ideas

This is an interesting point.

Your blog is something you will think about every time until the day you close it or sell it.

So if it is not where you wish to be, the right solution may be to shut down it now, or to drastically change its direction until something you really wish to invest this time on.

This is the reason why the professionals tell you that passion is important.

Trying to post on a topic you are not interesting in actually, becomes hard over the period of time.

Contrary to this, you may just fear out. You might need to handle your own fears of failures.

If it’s not your story, then it might be something really simple.

You just need to write, every single day. write even when you don’t feel like writing.

Remember, you don’t have to be mind-blowing to be a mind-blowing blogger.

However you do have to write (a lot).

So just do it.


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