How to Write Happy New Year Business Emails That Get You New Clients

The New Year and holiday season is here – have you prepared? Did you check your email marketing plan for the New Year so that you can make the most out of this time, sales and new clients?

New Year Business Emails That Converts

In this post, I am going to share the top seven most effective ideas and tips to help raise your email’s inbox conversion rates.

Primarily, this holiday season offers huge prospects for your business. Your customers are ready to investment money to do online shopping for gifts.

That is why this holiday season can be the best time of the entire year to send emails. However, not enough time or focus is granted on the New Year emails.

Thus, to end this adversity, check these seven ‘sure shot’ Happy New Year email marketing ideas for increased conversions and to get new clients!

1. Set on major objective

Target your email objective precisely.

This is a common negligence. While creating the New Year email, we mostly overlook the primary aim of it. You might have various topics to talk about in a single email; however it has only one aim.

You should focus on this objective and keep others secondary. Don’t give your potential customers multiple call-to-actions, it will decrease customer conversions.

2. Effective Email Copy writing

An effective copy is the key to increased rates of conversions.

The content of your New Year or Christmas email is vital to its success. It should be well composed. It should be short and precise.

Don’t try ‘tell-a-tale’ in your emails. However, if you wish to elaborate your content, add a “Read More” link to redirect readers to your website.

Also, before writing the email, decide the headline first. It needs to be short, appealing and well-written.

Once you are done with an effective and attractive headline, writing a brilliant email copy will be much seamless.

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3. Pay attention to designing your email

Simplicity is always loyal.

An effective email without a brilliant design is useless. I don’t mean lots of eye candies, I mean a simple and appealing design that is relevant to your email content (note this!).

Like if you are sending a new App release email, you might need to add few screen shots, GIFs or call to action links etc.

However, if you are sending a software update notification, it is better to send a simple HTML email without any pictures, with a contact link.

Contrary to this, if you are sending email to reveal and important release about your company, a plain text email can be the best choice for your email marketing plan.

For example, if you are sending a new software release email, you will need to send an HTML email with some small screen shots, animated GIF, call to action button, etc.

4. Emails and Mobile Devices

Mobile devices are omnipresent and mostly we check our emails on the go. Thus, never undervalue the power of mobile gadgets!

The mobile devices are gaining their share at a lightening pace. Nearly everybody has at least smart device that is used for their emails.

That means, it is NOT OK to overlook mobile gadgets to write emails that can only viewed on desktops or laptops.

So, make sure your emails are well optimized for mobile devices. This is called as ‘responsive email’. A responsive email will let your reader to read it easily both on computers and mobile gadgets with smaller displays, like iPhone. Moreover, making your emails ‘responsive’ will gain you more clients.

5. Sender’s Email and Name

It’s better to use the same sender email address and name.

Select the right sender name and email ID for your emails.

This is because the sender name and email ID are two of the most critical factors on your delivery reputation as they will determine whether your emails appear in the inbox or spam folder.

Also, the sender name should be pertinent to your brand identity because the recipient always checks the sender’s name first when receive it. And if they don’t recognize the name, they will delete or even mark it as spam.

Remember that email services like Gmail or Hotmail check your reputation based on their users’ actions. So, if most of your emails are being archived, deleted or marked as spam, then you will have little prospects of going into other recipients email inboxes.

6. Time of delivery

Email the right email content, to the right individual, at the right time!

If you send emails to people during the busiest time of the day, the open rates will be much lower. While we get lots of emails daily, each one is an interruption.

This is because we mostly glance them, check the sender’s name and email subject line to determine its importance. If not interested, we delete it. If we open it, we check the headline, and determine whether the email from the sender is pertinent to our situation or not.

You see, it’s the matter of seconds within which you need to grab the recipients’ focus and keep them reading your email. So make sure you send the emails on the right time by doing few comparisons tests. This can be done by sending emails on different days and times and compare the outcomes and check the best day and time to dispatch your emails for increased open rates.

The best day and time varies for each industry. However, according to one analysis, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays receives the highest open rates. So, start trying Wednesday or Thursday mornings, noon and afternoons.

Once you find the right time, you can try different days too.

7. Give Importance to Email Replies

Get your recipients contact you easily.

You should let your readers be capable of replying back to your with only a reply button; therefore, sending an email back to you. That means, you need to select a sender’s email that is monitored by you.

It will give you benefit of communicating with your recipients on one-to-one basis and let them get in touch with you whenever they need.

These are the top seven tips that will help you achieve higher conversion rates and get new clients during your holiday season email campaigns.

Never underestimate what you can do with your New Year emails and the prospects that exist to grow your business.


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