How to do Social Media Marketing like a Pro in 2019

The most important element for social media marketing in 2019 is to have a strategy.

Be a Pro in Social Media Marketing

You might be publishing on social media networks for the sake of publishing without any strategy or goal in mind. This can only land in vain.

Whether you wish to develop your brand or to advance yourself as a social media marketer, creating a strategy is important.

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Let me share how you can do it.

First, take few minutes and interrogate yourself on these questions:

i. What is your purpose of being on social media?

ii. Who do you wish to target?

iii. What will be your post content?

iv. Which platform will you choose?

Another important aspect about strategy/strategies, you can also have a plan for each of your social media networks which all lead up to one general social media strategy that you will be exploring in this post.

Why your brand needs a social media presence?

You need to answer this very first concern.

This resonates to your social media objectives. Do you wish to promote your brand? To drive traffic to your website or to enhance your customer service?

Generally, these are the common social media objectives you can relate to:

i. Grow brand awareness

ii. Drive website traffic

iii. Get new leads

iv. Increase profit (sales and signups)

v. Enhance brand engagement

vi. Develop a community for your brand

vii. Offer customer service

viii. Increase media presence

ix. Understand what people think about your brand

You can have more than one objective which is totally fine.

In general, it is awesome to concentrate on just a few of objectives unless you are running with a team, where various people within a team can perform different jobs.

Know your target audience

After you find out the first ‘why’, then start considering your target audience.

Understanding your target audience will guide your more conveniently to resolve the next queries of what, where and when are you going to publish.

For example, if a consumer brand (like Sunsilk) understands its target audience is women who love to flaunt beautiful hair (and which women doesn’t?).

You can create a marketing persona of your selected target audience by evaluating their:

  • Profession

  • Interest

  • Preferred social media platform

  • Online time

  • Reason to choose your brand

If your business has been up for a while now, you might don’t have to begin from scratch as you might have a good idea about your target audience.

A comprehensive guide to make marketing personas can be found here.

What is the content of your posts?

You might be assuming I am talking the kinds of content to share like images or videos.

Hold on.

I am referring to your social media marketing strategy that needs a higher level to ponder. A ‘theme’ can be the word.

Take Huckberry for example. Its an adventure brand which shares their content with high resolution images of the outdoors on the Facebook page.

If you go through their FB page, you may check that the brand has more than one theme which is fine as it offers you the prospect of sharing diverse content to keep your audience involved without making them bore.

This needs a good understanding of your audience as you can better evaluate what issues they have and how you can address those issues.

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What platform to choose?

Next is to decide where you are going to post your content.

You don’t have to be on every social media site. It’s a mistake most marketers do. Being on selected platforms will give you better concentration and more time to generate attractive content.

Bonus Tip: it will be wise to have your brand on these 4 big social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter (as they mostly come up on the first page of Google searches when people find your brand).

Finally, how you are going to get it all done?

You have your social media strategy.

But that is not taking you anywhere. It is just a plan, a direction that needs a destination.

How should you create your social media profiles? What posts will be there? What will be your tone?

The answer lies within this strategy itself!

Yes, when you will be reviewing and assessing the kinds of audience, their needs, the best ways to address them, you will get to decide what mediums should you choose and where you should be heading!

Think Bigger.

Creating a social media marketing strategy is might be one of the toughest tasks to do since it needs you to assume the bigger picture. You will require to align your viewpoint towards the higher level of thinking.

But trust me, it is going to be rewarding. It is going to help you acquire your social media as well as branding goals.

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