How to Get Over the ‘Stuck’ Phase Efficiently

Every one of us has felt stuck somewhere in your blog or your business.

Smart ways to get over that 'stuck' phase

I think, like me, many of you must have felt that stiffness – not only with blogging but in other aspects of life as well.

The reasons can be one or all of the following:

You want it just right. Yes, you are a perfectionist.

You are too confused to decide on one option and keep on looking or analyzing different options.

You are wandering. You don’t have a clear idea and you are feeling like running on a treadmill, losing energy but going nowhere.

You have started the comparison with others and you have that thought everyone is better than you.

You are simply loaded with heaps of advice and not sure what to do first.

A lot of things can be related to me. I get stuck when I have so many ideas for my blog and I don’t know what to choose. I also feel afraid sometimes that what other bloggers/readers will think about my work. Am I sounding right? or professional enough?

Being a perfect professional has been a challenge for me. I visualize what I desire to achieve, and make an ideal picture of it in my imagination. However, implementing actions makes me afraid of risks because I know I will never make up to that picture I have visualized and so I get stuck or demotivated.

But there is one thing that keeps me moving which is vital for my online world where I have to keep myself up and running. I am going to share with that ‘learning’ with you.

Keep trying.

Yes. No matter how flawed, imperfect or deficient our efforts may appear to you, just keep on trying.

Trying is always effective than not trying at all.

In fact, trying is actually a reality. Nobody is perfect in taking decisions or making efforts.

Trying enables you to achieve your goals and it will distinguish you as a practical achiever rather than a daydreamer.

Some more benefits for you:

#1 Trying keeps up a pace

When you keep on trying, mostly the next steps start to surface.

Some people often overlook trying since they cannot perceive the bigger picture. How you are going to see what lies ahead without keeping on taking steps?

Just keeping up that pace of trying and taking steps towards a hazy destination, makes it apparent eventually and gives you the motivation to move on.

#2 Trying develops courage

If you are not trying for long, you are breeding fear. Taking action develops the courage to move forward. There’s only one to overcome fear; take action.

Keep on trying will keep you on your toes, out of your comfort zone, a little close to your goal.

#3 Trying is the best teacher

When you feel you don’t have the right set of skills to handle prospective situations, try. You will learn efficiently!

When I started my blog, I learnt by doing, by experimenting and by never stopping.

#4 Trying Unleash Self Enhancement

When you decide not to stop, to keep on trying, you are basically ditching away your comfort zone. This will lead you to develop skills, potential that you had never unleashed before.

And if you are thinking these are not working…

Try to shut down your mind from every external input (that might be distracting you) and try creating.

You will be surprised.


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