RFM Summit – India’s Biggest Online Conference for Learning Latest Digital Updates. Excited!

Don’t miss the most influential live event of the year.

The Root Force Marketer (RFM) online portal (www.roorforcemarkter.com) has been established for sharing and best knowledge resources through marketing experts and entrepreneurs.

As its tag line represents – Marketing Hub for Marketing Professionals and Entrepreneurs.

To make things more exciting and nurturing for you, they have organized an online summit where industry experts with interesting profiles will speak to you and share their expertise.

What’s in it for you?

Whether you are a beginner in your work or a professional, this summit is going to benefit you.

Let say, you are an entrepreneur who wish to accelerate your business online through digital marketing strategies, you should not miss this even.

If you are a marketing professional, you should definitely not miss this even as you are going to get some great insights essential to boost your current skill set.

Still not sure?

Let’s peek inside the session topics that will surely tempt you to know more!

1. The Quick and Dirty Social Media Guide For Busy Entrepreneur.

2. How The Law Of Attraction Works and What Is The Psychology Behind Developing A Successful Business.

3. Understand User Behavior and Analyze Business ROI effectively – A Deep Dive Into Google Analytics

4. How To Use Podcast To Increase Your Business ROI Exponentially

5. How To Stay Healthy While You Are Busy In Developing A Business

6. How To Build A Great Digital Marketing Strategy Which Increase Your Business ROI

7. 17 Actionable SEO Techniques For More Organic Traffic In 2019

8. Powerful Communication Strategy For Your Business

9. Build Your Business With Facebook Ads – Advance Facebook Ads Strategy and Optimization

10. How Businesses Should Think About Social Media In 2019

11. Build Your Business With Google Ads – Advance Google Ads Strategy and Optimization For Display & Remarketing Campaign

12. How To Create Content That Move Your Readers To Become Customer Without Ever Picking Up A Phone or Doing Webinar

13. Build Your Business With Google Ads – Advance Google Ads Strategy and Optimization For Search Campaign

14. How To Create A Marketing Machine That Will Consistently Grow Your Business

15. How This One Practice Can Increase Your Business Creativity Without Even Lifting A Finger.

16. Why The Most Successful Online Marketers Are Good At Copywriting? And How You Can Benefit From It?

17. Build Your Business With Google Ads – Advance Google Ads Conversion Tracking & Optimization Campaigns

18. Tracking Custom Events On Website Using GTM – A Deep Dive Into Google Tag Manager.

19. How To Personalize Your Content To Increase Sales and Marketing Effectiveness

There’s perk for you.

Beside these awesome learning opportunities to help you gain essential insights to grow a successful business and career, you will get a lifetime membership to a private community (for free! wow).

What does this mean? Well you can get the most out of the discussions held by like-minded individuals sharing practical experiences, challenges and solutions. That is going to more fruitful than you think.

Here’s the list of the speakers going to shine up the event with their expert knowledge in their respective fields (lucky to be a part of it!).

1. Narveer Singh

2. Pranav Jha

3. Dp Vishwakarma

4. Sumeet Kapur

5. Dr. Sachitra Kumar

6. Piyush Kukreja

7. Tarun Kumar

8. Vivek Kumar

9. Jessica M. Corvo

10. Syeda Sana

11. Madhu Joshi

12. Yogesh Thakur

13. Rupam Lathwal

14. Taranjeet Singh

15. Ankita Mittal

16. Abhishek Suneri

17. Abhay Choudhary

18. Shathayan Raja

19. Harsh Aggarwal

Session by Me

I am so honored and excited to speak about tips and insights that I have gained through massive amount of research and experiments on how to create content that moves your readers to become customers without ever picking up a phone or doing webinars!

It will be a session with some useful downloads like eBook etc. to keep you well acquainted even after you log off and will be a great future reference too.

Time to Act!

If you think you should be a part of a global community with loads of industry insights to continuously improve your skills/business, Buy your tickets now and reserve a seat.

Before you go, some additional bonus for your to check out:

1. Private Marketing Community For The Life (Worth Rs.2000/month)

2. Live Q&A Session – Google Ads (Worth Rs.10,000)

3. Live Q&A Session – Facebook Ads (Worth Rs. 10,000)

4. Live Q&A Session – Copywriting (Worth Rs. 10,000)

5. Facebook Ads Live Audit (Worth Rs.25,000)

6. Google Ads Live Audit (Worth Rs. 25,000)

7. Copywriting Live Audit (Worth Rs. 25,000)

8. SEO Live Audit (Worth Rs. 25,000)

9. GTM Live Audit (Worth Rs. 25,000)

10. Content Marketing Live Audit (Worth Rs. 25,000)

11. Social Media Strategy Live Audit (Worth Rs. 25,000)

12. Digital Marketing Strategy Live Audit (Worth Rs. 25,000)

I will be glad to welcome you to my session !


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