Blogs are Your Business’ Secret Weapon!

Just like weapons, you have to use it right!

Learn how to use the weapon rightly!

Content marketing is not a new term. In fact, it has been initiated during the times of Benjamin Franklin who started printing a journal to promote his publication business.

Similarly, Michelin started his Guide and Jell-O offered free prints of its recipe book.

They all were fundamental gurus of content marketing because they had the right concept of the term: present interesting and useful content for your audience. This only technique boost sales, enlarge your network and create brand loyalty.

As we know how big Jell-O and Michelin became within a span of few years. Despite the fact that they didn’t have that kind of expansion or reach towards their audience as compared to the internet age of today.

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Though the barrier to entry has been minimal into the content marketing business the reputation and quality of content have been significantly reduced. Rather than presenting actual value to the reader, many a time we notice self-promotional or click bait articles.

However, I also noticed a rebirth of effectual content marketing from SAAS and B2B. the reason for their popularity and effectiveness is that they don’t focus on the return on investment, rather focus on the quality and value of the content they offer.

I read some interviews of market leaders regarding how blogs are the secret weapon of our businesses today, and this is what I got to know:

A different perspective

Prior to the time when worldwide web-enabled self-publishing, articles or social media massively accessible, content marketing was restricted to developed businesses. Big businesses possessed finances and resources to generate, publish and share print media.

Certainly, the internet made it practical for anyone to create content which was actually both problematic and beneficial. Quantity became critical. Entertainment, trendy and tech brands made content to market their products which soon took a form of spam, clickbait writing.

However, this had to change.

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Ordinary services like B2B and SAAS had less apparent content writing prospects. Thus, marketers in these companies understood that they required to think harder to create value for their audience.

Value creation at both ends.

For example, SAAS target particular segments of the market like small businesses, organizations or start-ups, with different demands and content to meet those demands. They came up with a general theme to segment their blogs into information and solution. They offer high-quality blogs, videos and podcasts to provide value for their readers.

The major focus is to offer excellent content to help the audience grow and enhance their actual lives, without compelling them to make purchases.

That means, provide relevant information to your audience.

The information introduces the brand, develop recognition, and loyalty. In short, it creates an emotional link between the reader and the brand.

An effective relationship

The key to effective content marketing is to create effective relationships between consumers and the brand.

the co-founder of Web Profits US, Sujan Patel suggests that impacting readers’ future buying choices, high-quality blogs create inbound links, increase leads and foster those leads to grow sales.

The founder of Lifograph, Dea Wilson thinks that evergreen content writing will assist new businesses in growing their presence in the search engine that will help them to gain more visitors.

The CEO of FreshBooks, Mike McDerment aims to offer the content which can provide benefits to the reader and help them to develop a bond with his brand.


Cooperating is important. Although, competition between businesses investing energy, time and money into their content creation, developing a cooperative community is a major aim of content creators. Every share gives reach to a new community of potential audience.

That is why blogs invite guest writers from various business within their circle. This not merely enhance the content diversity, but the guest writers also share their content in their sphere, a new community.

Many leading blogs publish at least one article on a daily basis. Permitting guest writers to develop content flow gradually, offering its readers to get an expanded insight into the industry as experiences from different writers to help them to operate their businesses more effectively.

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Creating high-quality content needs a team effort. It needs time, investment and energy on a long-term basis.

Rewards are substantial.

Start writing for a reason, rather scribbling like a toddler.


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