7 Tricks to Help You Get a Job as a Freelance Blogger

Whether you are trying to be a full-time blogger and wish to increase your blogging income, or just looking to make some money to support your own blog while it grows, getting a paid blogging project can boost your speed to reach your goals.

Top Tips to Get a Job as a Freelance Blogger

So in this post, I will be sharing top seven tips for applying for a project in any job board. These tricks will help you differentiate from the rest.

#1: Be Fast in Applying a Job

Job advertisers sometimes delete a job opening within 24 hours after posting it as they managed to fill the vacancy. Certainly you don’t wish to send a half done application. However, you should write it in quickly.

Let me share few ways to seek out about the projects as soon as they are published:

  • Use RSS feed of the job boards you are looking

  • Set up an email alert for the job boards

  • Keep an eye on the social media pages of the job boards

#2: Follow Job Listing Guidelines

Various advertisers will wish you to apply in diverse manners. Any they mostly tell you precisely about their wishes from you.

For example, advertisers seeking Photography School bloggers, they ask for certain things in the portfolio. Some even ask you to send a few segments only of your resume. However, you would be amused how many applicants don’t read the guidelines.

If you are applying for a job and not following their guidelines, it is a sign to the advertiser that you do not pay focus to details. Thus, make sure you read the guidelines in the job listing cautiously.

#3: Show Interest in Selling Yourself

So many applications target for jobs sell themselves inadequately. I know It can be difficult to express confidently about your abilities and skills. However you need to show your best side and offer advertisers a reason to approach you.

Express about your past experience, your insight and your passion for the work. Focus skills like team work or whatever else you think can connect you with the job. No I am not asking you to express something about yourself which is not true, I am asking you to make the most out of every skill that you poses.

#4: Show Some Blogging Knowledge

Besides showing the knowledge about the topic area, you also need to express that you understand the technical area of blogging as well.

For example, if you frequently share posts on a blog and you are well versed with WordPress or any other blogging platform, ensure you let the advertiser know. Provide a link to your blog and write for how long you have working with that tool.

These make an impression on the advertisers that you are a dedicated blogger and have the skills you require. They will be pleased to realize that they won’t have to teach you how to make a blog post on a WordPress, or to add an image in your post.

If you don’t already have a blog of your own, get started now. Learn How to Start a Blog – Simplified in 4 steps

#5: Show Examples of Your Previous Projects

Several job listings ask for examples of blog posts that you have written in the past.

Sometimes they will ask for links to your published posts (on someone else’s blog or your own site). Sometimes they will ask for a PDF or document file with an excerpt of your writing. Check what they are requesting, and ensure to send your write-ups in their requested format.

Selecting which write-ups to send is an important task. You should consider:

  • Providing a link to your own website (if you are a blogger already). This will show your expertise.

  • Selecting writings relevant to the project (for example, posts about traveling will be helpful if you are applying for a travel blog).

  • Selecting posts that match the format the advertiser is searching for. Check out their blog and observe what kind of content they create. Note their writing style (is it casual, formal or conversational).

  • Presenting a range of various forms of content to express your diversity (unless advertisers only posting for a specific form of content like list posts). As an example, you may wish to show them: a ‘how to’ post, a story-telling post, a humorous post or a list post.

#6: Apply for Jobs That Make a Good Match For You

During the past years, I have observed some people apply for every project posted on a job board. It becomes inevitable that these people copy paste their applications from one job to the next one.

You should not give an impression the advertiser that you are a desperate applicant. Instead, they should realize that you are a perfect choice for their project. To do this, you need to customize every application that you wish to send and include your skills that matches every job need.

#7: Be Willing to Offer Something Extra

Whereas it is important to express advertisers you have the writing expertise and skills they are searching for, you can also give them something more.

For example, if you have design expertise, editing, SEO skills, or video editing, list all these skills at the end of your application. This will express that you are not just a writer, but you can also do some additional tasks that are necessary for a brilliant blog post.

Also add links to your social media sites, and tell advertisers that you are interested to promote the post you write on your social media networks. This will sound like a bonus to the advertiser that will be hard for them to resist.

Now take my words, even if you follow few of these tricks, you will instantly place yourself ahead of lot of other applicants. And if you followed them all, you will definitely stand out from the rest.

Good luck!


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