How to Attract Sponsored Blog Posts?

Updated: Aug 10, 2018

Sponsored blog posts are one of the major revenue streams for a blog. Though I previously avoided the idea of sponsoring services and products to my readers since I doubted it would disengage them and make them perceive me as a con however, after working with brands made me adore about it.

How to Attract Sponsored Blog Posts?

My aim at Sparks Concepts is to offer my readers with the tools they require to be a better writer/freelancer/blogger, and after much mind-boggling on my part, I eventually understood that sponsored #blog posts are an ideal match for my work, and that I would be missing out something substantial if chosen not to work with brands.

Think about it, it will clear your doubts too.

However, attracting sponsored #posts to your blog is not that easy.

The good thing is that I have worked with few amazing brands throughout my blogging career and I have chosen a handful of tips about how to write sponsored blog posts, how to attract them and how to charge reasonably. In this post, I am going to share these points with you!

Excellent representation of your blog

That doesn’t only include an excellent #content, but it also involves a complete description about your blog outlining your passion, your #target audience, social media influences and monthly reach. I know this might be sounding a bit confusing, but it’s not. A simple and effective blog with all the important metrics showcased beautifully is what attracts the brands to reach you out for their promotions.

Know about sponsored post

Now that you have a perfect blog to be proud of, it is time to learn…

What is sponsored content?

In simplest terms, sponsored post is a product review or a blog post written against a payment. It normally involves a brand story, experiences with the product or services along with one or more related links to promote the brand being reviewed.

Writing a sponsored blog post

There are several approaches a #blogger can adopt when creating a sponsored post.

Some give straight reviews, some create recipes or DIY items and others like to express a personal experience linked with the product or service and how it impacted their lives.

No matter which approach you select, it is critical to be genuine and only write about those #brands you have used personally and would like to recommend others too.

Since trust is the core of the blogging career, or any other field as a matter of fact, and if you wish to make money working with brands, associate with the ones you genuinely endorse.

Also, it will be effective to treat your sponsored posts with as much – if not more – attention and time as you do with your regular posts. Always accept sponsored posts that matches with the niche of your blog and select topics you know will entice your #readers.

You know why?

Because the more reads a sponsored post receives, the merrier the sponsors are which is directly linked to your future projects with them. Also, a strong sponsored content portfolio under your name will be attractive for more brands to approach you!

Where To Find Sponsored Blog Post Opportunities?

One major source of sponsored blog posts is through media companies. These firms offer a pretty easy way for bloggers to link with brands – after you submit an application and develop an #online profile.

They will contact you through email when a sponsored opportunity is available, and you can accept or reject if it doesn’t match your interest or niche.

Though media companies are quite simpler to join and work for them, however I have recently realized that working directly with the brands is much more lucrative. Not merely does it facilitate more creative liberty as you can choose the services and products that matches perfectly with your blog niche, but you can mostly negotiate higher price.

Indeed, learning how to attract sponsored posts is a trial-and-error practice. Reaching out to brands for sponsored post prospects takes a lot of drill. You need to see who to reach out, what to write in your first email, and how to offer your pitch if they show an interest in working with your blog, this can take a lot of time.

Know How Much to Charge For a Sponsored Blog Post

Realizing how much to charge for a sponsored post is a matter of a lot of discussion in the blogging arena, and I personally think bloggers do not charge enough as they should be with the brands. I believe we continuously undervalue our worth and that needs a rethinking!

Remember these imperative things when deciding how much to quote for your sponsored blog post:

The value you are adding. Most bloggers think they need millions of page views in a month to charge a higher price for sponsored posts, however that is simply not true. Think about the other ways you are going to add value when working with products or services. Do you create astonishing graphics, captivating videos, or killer photographs? Do you make free printables for your visitors? Do you have a huge following on #Instagram? Are you an influential member of a popular #Pinterest board? There can be so many ways you can create your stance with the brands – just be a little more creative to showcase your position in front of the brands.

Know the post requirements. Every sponsored post is different with different requirements. A straight post may take a shorter time as compared to the posts which involve crafts or recipes. Request for specifics and place them in a post outline prior committing to a cost to assure you have an effective understanding on the time needed.

See if you need to purchase anything. Some posts need you to buy some materials like art suppliers, photography props, or groceries. List them all and include in your post quotation.

Your sponsored blog post charge can vary hugely based on your expertise, experience and the requirements of the post, however my suggestion to new bloggers is to determine a minimum charge of at least $250 for each sponsored post, and gradually raise your prices based on the site readership, value you bring to the client, the time needed, and the extra expenditures you need to incur to complete the task.

Sponsored blog posts can be an important stream for your blog revenue if they are done rightly.

I hope the tips I have shared in this post will give you some insight to create your online presence in an appealing way to attract sponsors. Don’t forget to write sponsored content that sells, and charge appropriately keeping those things in mind that I discussed earlier in this post.

One last giveaway advice for you is: Be confident in yourself and what worth you are offering!

It is always better to overprice your charges and negotiate than to work for peanuts from the beginning.


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