How to Get More Subscribers? Make Your Readers Ask This Question

Updated: Aug 30, 2018

Get more subscribers

Right after hitting with an idea for a blog post, many bloggers and writers become anxious by the existing competition:

“It is going to highly challenging to stand apart.”

Sounds familiar? I am hoping you will see things differently by the time you finish reading this post.

First, name that song you loved to hear, but you don’t know who the singer is?

Know about it

So, that song could be from a television show or from a movie/

It could instantly grab your hearing when you are changing radio stations while driving.

You don’t only enjoy listening that song: you now have a task:

To find out who sung this song that you loved.

After you find out, you might also wish to learn about:

  • The album or movie the song belongs to

  • From where the singer belongs

  • How many other songs he/she has performed

This might direct you to:

  • Listen more songs by the same singer

  • Purchasing the album

  • See if there’s any upcoming concert they are going play nearby

This same concept can be related to your content.

When someone reads your content for the first time, they should be curious about you and they should ask this question…

Who wrote this?

Basically, you wish to make your readers curious regarding:

  • Who you are

  • How you are going to offer help to them

A thoughtless content does not provoke curiosity.

However, before you can reveal and foster the traits that make you and your content stand apart, you have to begin with something.

In the above example, the singer had already created other songs for you to search for. What does this mean?

It means the singer had been putting all the effort, failing and trying persistently long before you had ever listened the song.

They were creating their work to offer you more by the time you finally explore them.

So, develop your content

The work you do when you are alone will always pay you back.

Even though you might be more restrained about what you show when you initially begin, that early work is still an essential part of your growth.

After you get your hands on publishing your content, you will understand how to embed those remarkable elements that create links with your readers and members.

It could be power writing style or a hooking content that convince someone to subscribe to your blog.

Overcome the fear of competition by provoking curiosity

“If every comedian in the world quits tomorrow, I’m not any funnier.” – Jerry Seinfeld

In the same way, if every other writer or blogger in your niche stop doing their work, you are not (naturally) going to grab more #customers or #subscribers.

All you have to do is to offer the right, meaningful #content and value to the readers you wish to appeal and become curious about you.


  • Generate a content that persistently makes people curious and look out for more of your work

  • Commit religiously to your work

  • Overcome your fear to begin

There are endless possibilities to acquire that –in fact there is a new opportunity and hope every time you publish your post.

Make sure the last post you published should be the ONLY competition for you.

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