How to make money on Pinterest? – a guide to do affiliate marketing

Updated: Aug 2, 2018

Yes, you can actually make money on Pinterest. This idea surprised me as much as it did you, or even more so I could come up with those actually effective ways that could let you make your #Pinterest profile into a money making stream.

Make money with Pinterest

First let me tell you that Pinterest is one of the leading social media platforms till date. You will have several ways to drive substantial traffic to your blogs, affiliate links, #ecommerce stores or niche websites.

The following tricks can help you to make thousands of dollars a month!


Let’s dive in!

1. Use Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative ways to make money online. Several businesses offer affiliate marketing campaigns to have their services and products promoted and sold by other individuals.

Affiliate marketing is a means to get money in the form of a commission against sales made through your website or blog. For example, you have cooking blog and you have placed an affiliate link to someone else’s cooking products. These links will track the sales sources and you will have a commission for every product sold through your affiliate link.

Using affiliate link on your Pinterest account is the number one trick here. First, do a research for the product you wish to promote on your account. You will definetly find a product matching your niche. You can also check out CommissionJunction, Clickbank and OfferVault for a list of affiliate products and sign up for one that suits you.

After signing up, you will get a unique affiliate link since it has tracking codes meant for your account only.

Then finally, create pins with these links. To do this, simply follow these next steps:

- You should have at least ten boards in your Pinterest with at least 10 pins in each board. Share your content several times a day!

- Use affiliate link in each of your pins. Like if you have a board for cake decorations or baking tips, then you can have several images, cake pan buying tips, along with affiliate links to where they can purchase these items you are recommending to them. Every reader who clicks on your board to check these ideas might like to buy something too.

- Since Pinterest is all about pictures so make sure to make appealing images. Try Canva for creating amazing images for your Pinterest. You also don’t have to set image dimensions as they have built-in Pinterest style templates (that’s my personal favorite).

2. Become an Amazon Associate

Amazon is the leading online affiliate marketing website for years and there is no doubt about it. One of the big reasons for this is that Amazon has a massive product range that makes it omnipresent and people earn a living from Amazon Associate Program.

All you have to do is to register for the Amazon Associate Program, and after approving your account, get the Affiliate Link through which your sales will be tracked.

Add Amazon product links across your website or blog including these links (if you are a blogger, then its better to disclose that your site contains affiliate links).

Every time someone buys from your link, a commission will be granted to you.

Please note that Pinterest won’t permit you to add a direct affliliate on your pins, so you have to link your pin to your blog or website where you have placed your #Amazon affiliate links to the products you are promoting. But the extra step is worth it as people are actually earning a lot of monthly income through their websites and blogs.

3. Allow Sponsored Posts

Once you have enough traffic on your website or blog, you can create paid posts for a brand. There are several businesses looking for bloggers or writers to promote their products through sponsored posts and they actually lot of money.

If you are able to gain thousands of followers on a social media account, let say Pinterest will add overall credibility to your website and blog. Pinterest is a great way to attract sponsored blog posts.

Remember to ensure that your blog has useful content and there should be a balance in ad placements. Too much will leave your blog or website unattractive for people who are actually visiting your website for useful content.

Check out Pay Per Post and Sponsored Reviews to find advertisers.

4. Focus on developing your mailing list

Yes, still. One of the best ways to make money online, developing your Pinterest following is email marketing.

Pinterest does work great with your email list. Since Pinterest is an interruption marketing channele that’s why people doesn’t spend too much time reading your blog posts. The traffic is interest in opting for your email list, if they are enticed enough to join.

There are few tips that I have observed on successful blogs and Boards on Pinterest:

- Delveoping an attractive offer will work. For example, create eBook for weight loss or recipes that will help in weight loss.

- This offer should be on a separate page of your blog and you can name the title of the page appealing enough to attract the readers.

- Next, create attractive images for your pin and link them with your blog post page you created earlier..

- Share pin images on your Pinterest account on a regular basis. (to schedule your pins easily, try Tailwind and it will do the rest for you!)

Tip: do 30-day follow up promotion for several affiliate offers to monetize your email list that you have built through Pinterest.

5. Sale your services

Pinterest allows you to sell your services through advertising your expertise. You can offer free content, giveaway downloads or share tips and tools related to your niche. This will appeal the audience.

Creating a portfolio page to show-off your skills and certifications is also a great idea to promote you.

If you share brilliant content ideas, you will gaining traffic to your website or blog soon. And while sprawling your content, they are likely to check out the pages where you are selling your services. Your authority and useful content will do the trick here.

Over to you

So, now you have the idea you need to excel in money making through your Pinterest account.

Just make sure, your content is excellent because that is going to build your audience and more traffic means more authority which eventually means more potential buyers.

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Recommended Reading: This book has described tips and techniques to increase audience engagement through the right content in an easy and simple way.

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