How to Run a Profitable Writing Business?

Updated: Feb 11

Whether you are starting your writing business, or you have been developing it for some time trying to make it more profitable, few practical tips will be helpful for you along the way.

How to Run a Profitable Writing Business

The success of a writing business depends more than your talent to write.

Learning continuously about the writing business and content marketing offers you an edge over other writers.

Be technology savvy

Having a secure internet connection at the place where you can work (home or office) will give you peace of mind that will depict in your content quality. I also suggest having an email address and phone number for your work.

While you are thrilled about your business, filtering work from personal interactions is one step that can avoid burnout and stress.

What I mean here is rather investing your whole day mixing between personal and business tasks, you can manage work and personal activities at different times. In other words, schedule them separately so that you won’t be mixing up.

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Check for necessary investments

It's all about asking yourself questions to figure out what are your priorities to do your work well.

You can develop a priority list with necessary items and another list for future additions that you might need. For the priority list, you can ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I have a computer capable of performing every task required for my #business?

  • Is my camera, microphone or speakers working fine if a client needs a video call?

  • Do I need any other writing software to boost my productivity?

For possible additions, you may ask yourself:

  • As a content marketing medium, what would I require for starting a podcast?

  • What would I need for a YouTube channel for promoting my business further?

  • What if I start hosting live events for my writing business?

Create an Impressive Website

One of the many benefits of starting an #online business is that you don’t have to (essentially) purchase a physical area in order to conduct your business.

However, what you need is to have a beautiful, attractive website that loads quick and provides a secure access to the visitors. It will be your professional space to welcome your potential customers.

Grow your social media presence

Your digital business needs to have a social media presence.

However, it can be time-consuming and distracting too!

To do this effectively, you need to focus on where your potential buyers hang out virtually and concentrate your efforts on those social media sites. Eventually, you will be sharing content on those sites that will bring guests to your website.

Choose the mode of payment

Determining the best way for clients to send you payment is a critical thing to do for an online business.

You should not go for a process that is easy for you but not for your clients or vice versa.

Visualize how a perfect scenario would turn out once someone wishes to hire your #services and consider using online payment systems like PayPal, Stripe, Payoneer or Braintree to make your standard payment processor.

All of these suggestions are practically efficient. You can give them a try!!


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