How to Start a Blog – Simplified in 4 steps

Updated: Aug 16, 2018

Blogging has quickly become one of the most effective ways of communicating and sharing information and updates.

There are literally millions of blogs on the web (don’t fear; you can make your blog outstanding too!).

How to start a blog

Wish to start a blog? That’s awesome.

Being beginner, the first question is, how you are going to start your blog? Although, you can search for plenty of information on the Internet, so many blogs and so many different ways to start a blog, however, who should you, follow?

Well, you might get confused.

To address this confusion and to make things simpler, I have removed all the tricky jargon and confusions that might bother you as a beginner and I have come up with 4 easy steps to start your own blog.

Sounds good?

Great, let’s begin.

Step one: Choose a suitable blogging platform

The first thing to start a blog is to select a suitable blogging platform (quite obvious). Here, I assume that you must have heard about WordPress, which is so far the best blogging platform for beginners as well as for professionals. Its functionality and features are massive with countless add-ons and plugins with infinite ways to format and design your blog.

However, if you wish to further about the best blogging platforms these days, do have a look at my article:

Best Blogging Websites in 2018 (in Comparison)

Step two: Paid or Free?

This is the most important choice you will have to make before you move any further. Choosing whether to go for a free blog or a paid one, every beginner bloggers’ point of concern is.

Free blogging platforms like Blogger, Tumblr, and WordPress are idea for those who wish to blog for the sake of fun or leisure. However, it does have few downsides too. For example, you wont be able to own a domain name for your blog and you will having a URL like: or

Not looking good right?

Also, there will be limits attached with your free blogging platforms. You cannot monetize them, and will not be able to upload images and videos that can add a good eye candy for your readers. Worst part, you will not be getting access to the free themes presented by WordPress.

Finally, if you are going for free #blogging option, you will not own your blog as it will be hosted by someone else and they can delete it anytime if they wish. That means a threat will be there of losing all your hard word and time that you have invested in creating those blog posts. That is really sad.

On the contrary, with a paid or self-hosted blog with your own domain name ( will give you the complete authority of your blog. Name it whatever you wish, add unlimited bandwidth for images and videos, plus get free themes. All this will make a winning recipe for your blog.

I know, you will be thinking how much it will cost you to get all these paid benefits. Not as much as you are assuming, luckily. Normally, it goes for $5-$1o a month (depends on your hosting provider).

Step three: Start a blog with a custom domain (if you selected self-hosting)

Let say, if you have chosen a self-hosting blogging platform, it’s time to build your blog.

I would like to explain how you can go for setting up a blog for yourself.

First, select a domain name and a #hosting provider that can host your blog, for example WordPress (it’s the best).

Domain: The #domain is the URL of your website. For example, ( is the domain).

Hosting: Hosting is the company that puts your website up on the internet for the world to see it. All your data will be saved on there servers just like a computer’s hard drive on the web.

After you make these two choices, voila! You are all set to proceed to the next and fun step.

Step four – Designing your Blog

It’s time to give a look to your blog the way you wish. You will have access to free and paid themes. For example, on WordPress, you can either install a free WordPress theme or go for the premium theme for almost $40.

A tip here would be to select a professional looking theme which is easy to customize. WordPress also offers you an option to change your theme whenever you wish.

Your blog design should interpret your subject and the kind of a personality you have. It will be absurd to create a cooking-based theme when your blog is about gardening, right?

Also, it should be easy to move through if you wish people to stay on your blog for a while. If it is too tricky and confusing, readers will close your blog.

What blogging brings to you?

So many people still asks me, why we should create a blog at all? So, I would like to shed some light on the benefits a blog can bring to you (or your business).

Note: If you already know about how awesome a blog can be, then skip this part and go blogging!

1. Express yourself and share your thoughts with others!

2. Your writing abilities gets better!

3. Probably, the best one is you can make money doing it!

One very last thing before you begin with your #blog:

Creating your own blog can take a bit of your time, may be up to 30 minutes. So grab yourself a coffee (or whatever you want) and let’s get started.

If you need any help during the building process of your blog, get in touch with me here and I’ll help as best I can and answer any queries along the way to make your process easier.

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