Take Control of Your Blogging Career

Updated: Aug 30, 2018

Feeling helpless?

You have that passion to grow into a highly successful freelance blogger but you are not seeing yourself moving ahead.

Take charge of your blogging career

You are not getting those high-paying gigs you dreamed of.

You search few online job platforms regularly, but not much sounds a match of you. And when you apply for some suitable jobs, you get no reply.

That’s such a dilemma, no work, no money.

Stop thinking like that, and take charge of your blogging #career right away! There is loads of work available and while you are waiting to be served your dream gig in a silver platter, other bloggers are working on those already.

It’s simple.

If you wish to nurture your career as a freelance blogger, you need to show up and work for it. Don’t panic, it’s simpler than you are assuming right now!

Check out these 7 easy ways to take your #blogging business into your control and win those dream jobs you need.

1. Search for the good gigs sites

Blogging jobs advertisements are all over the web. They are on freelance broker pages, classifieds, professional social platforms and niche websites such as ProBlogger.

But most of these jobs are not your best match. They don’t always give much detail, and pay quite lower than your work deserve. But you know what? The biggest issue with these ads is that they are all over the place! And you will end wasting your whole scheduled time finding the best match.

Get this tip: just stop searching. Simply find a handful of websites that only show ads for good freelance blogging jobs that offer a good pay.

Wondering how to find the high-paying websites for writers?

Check this one: The Ultimate List of Better-Paid Blogging Gigs. This website is a free download and offers its readers all the required details of 45 blogs that offer at least $50 per post. The thing I like most about this Ultimate List is that they are not advertisements but they are prospects for freelance bloggers to submit their work as they like.

Freelance Writers Den is another resource for freelance bloggers. It is a member based website that makes it spam-free. It lists high-quality freelance writing opportunities every week. Besides, it is also offering several training sessions, forums and professional advice for you to learn new things that will surely help you in your work. All these benefits make it worthy of your $25 membership fee.

2. Find money making companies

There are several better ways to search for freelancing work. For example, search the Web for businesses that are relevant to your writing niche and see if they are selling a service or product to a market you can focus. Check if they have a blog. If not, shoot them an email if they need one and you can tell them how it can boost their business and enhance their customer experience. It is a matter of chance, they can definitely reject your proposal of if your message and offer sounds appealing to them, you can be their freelance writer!

And if there’s a company’s blog that looks inactive with latest posts let them offer your blogging services that can get them more targeted website traffic, more revenue. If they agree, discuss their options.

Another case might be that they have a successful blog. All you have to do is to shoot them an email introducing yourself and how you can benefit their business. This will increase your chances to get an invitation to apply when they will be hiring.

However, it’s very to make your message count. It should be the next point here.

3. Watch your approach

When you are contacting with an individual or a company first time, how you delivery your message is highly important.

Remember; do not rush with your offer. The best way is to study their website first, sign up for their free email subscriptions or downloads. Contact and let them know your interest in their business and what makes you to reach out to them.

When your first email shows that you have taken interest into their website or business, it will be a plus point and they might consider you for their blogging services.

4. Get your portfolio ready

Your portfolio is very important. You don’t have to make it extravagant.

Simply place links to your best work on your website. Add screenshots of your posts will give a better impression.

If you don’t have a website, try Contently to make a free portfolio. You can also your LinkedIn profile to show your blogging clips.

In case, you don’t have any published work, try Ultimate List I mentioned above and build your portfolio while making money too.

You can also ask blogs relevant to your niche if they are accepting guest posts.

And of course, you can build your own blog to publish your posts.

5. Increase your visibility

The more your online visibility, the higher the chances are for you to win the jobs. I am talking about human nature here. All clients are biased when it comes to recruitment. If someone knows you personally, they are more likely to offer you jobs. Use this discrimination in your favor and start increasing your visibility and get social.

Through emails, guest posts, comments, and social media interactions with marketing managers, and leading bloggers. Show your best sides to them. You never know when you will be getting a lead to your dream job.

6. Raise your standards

There are several freelance bloggers who have lowered their expectations and working on low pay jobs because they need money. But these low paying literally takes away your energy, your time that could be invested in finding better blogging opportunities.

You need to take charge of your career and set yourself free.

Don’t get feared in rejecting tasks with pay you don’t deserve. Would you clean a toilet for that pay? No !

Raise your standards and push yourself ahead to new marketing skills. Enhance your knowledge and learn client management. Be more productive and always be ready to take your career ahead.

It’s all in your charge!

Reading Tip: Starting Your Career as a Professional Blogger

This book has presented the right approach for creating a blog that can make extra source of income. This is a worthy read for you if you are looking forward to make your blogging career into a full-time business.

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