Top Beginner Blogging Mistakes You Should Avoid

Updated: Sep 14, 2018

Ever heard of people saying, “Blogging is my passion. I love to blog daily.” The first thought that comes to your mind after hearing such words is “They must be making a lot of money just by sitting at home.”

Top Ten Beginner Blogging Mistakes

Blogging is not as simple as it may seem. It demands hard work, time, determination, and persistence (most important). If you want to become a blogger, you really need to practice some blogging skills and techniques and I am not kidding when I say, “You really need to practice hard.”

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It is the common fault of most beginner bloggers that they jump into the world of blogging without reading, knowing and learning about it. Thus, they always remain in doldrums when it comes to professional blogging. So why not discuss some of the most common mistakes that beginner blogger must avoid to become a successful blogger.

- Writing without research

When it comes to writing a blog, many novice bloggers try to aboard the blogging train without researching and learning about the topic they are working on.

Finding better keywords for your blog and doing a proper homework is essential to pen down a blog that stands out among the others in their niche.

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- Taking up broad topics to write on

Writing on broad topics like making money online, social networking issues and doing business with investments is another mistake many newbies make while writing their first or second blog.

The problem with these topics is that they are very broad carrying much detail and it becomes difficult for the new bloggers to stay focused and precise in their write-ups.

As, these topics should be dealt more with experience and research, that can only be gained through continuous learning and of course, with time.

- Being too anxious

If you are a new blogger and anxious to write posts that is engaging, you are not alone. As a beginner, all you should be doing is to start reading blogs in their niches and gather some practical ideas of how to begin a blog.

This should decrease the apprehension you might be feeling, and gain required confidence.

- Missing headings

Headings are important elements of an attractive blog. It also helps new bloggers to present a blog with a clear message. This makes things easier for your readers to read your blog and understand it. Be sure not to lose your focus to present a dwindling blog to your readers.

- Using data and facts

Dear beginners! Avoid using too much data and facts and figures in your blog. Blogs are generally informal, and no one seems to be interested in reading about the population or inflation ratios of countries or nations.

Nevertheless, some blogs do require facts and figures, but they must be used with caution.

- Using plagiarized content

We all know that copying someone else’s work is a serious offence and the new bloggers must know that too. You may read or take help from someone’s blog but never try to copy paste their content and use it as your own.

Think of new ideas and utilize your brain newbies so that your blogs can be unique and genuine.

- Forgetting the target audience

Newbies! You are writing for a specified audience. Never forget that. What many new bloggers do is that they forget their audience and readers and write randomly whatever comes to their mind.

Avoid making this mistake and always specify and target your audience before beginning to write a new post. Sticking to your target audience will help you gain readership over the period of time.

- Becoming personal in a blog

Float your ideas beginners but never become too personal in your blog. Remember that you are writing for others and not for yourself.

Try not to show your personality or insert your opinions too much in your initial blogs. Committing this error will make your blog too personal ad boring. It will soon become the part of the pile of dusty blogs lying in the unknown websites or trash bins.

- Trying to be perfect

Have you ever heard or seen a perfect man? Then, how come you think of a perfect writer? Even professional bloggers need practice and research to write their great blogs.

In my experience, many new bloggers commit severe mistakes in trying to be perfect in their blogs. Remain creative and informal but never think of writing a blog that will become a landmark in your early years of blogging.

Take your time, start slowly, remain steady and then produce great blogs that are remembered for years.

Keeping these points in mind, I am sure the newbie bloggers will certainly jump start their blogging career and attain the status of professional bloggers in no time.

Don’t forget bloggers that sky is the limit. The more you practice blogging avoiding all the mistakes and errors, the more your blogging career will boost.

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Avoid these blunders and become professional bloggers.

The above-mentioned blogging mistakes will help you out in your career. Always remember; the more you blog, the better results you will achieve.

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