Top Tips for Better Blog Monetization

Updated: Dec 9, 2018

With an increasing number of online marketers choosing to blog to develop their product and brand base, it has become imperative to ensure you stay ahead the competition with your blog to get the optimum benefits from it.

Monetize your blog

Besides the apparent importance of owning a personalized domain name with an attractive blog design, it is also critical to ensure readers can easily navigate through your website and return back for more.

In this post, I will share few of the most effective and practical tips for the beginner, average and professional bloggers to better monetize their blogs to gain maximum profit.

Direct Ad Sales

I know you must be thinking that banner ads are perhaps the most annoying things on a website. However, within the affiliate marketing hub, ad networks and brand launches love banners with a track-record of effective sales.

Though direct banner ads might not be as effective in blog niches like cooking or sports. You will have to check your readership and find relevant ads.

Placing direct advertisements on your blog can be exasperating initially since you will need to develop your site content with increased traffic before placing these ads.

It is better to focus on content, blog growth and audience during the first 7-8 months of your blogging. A strong base to place these ads can develop more promising income.

Referral Marketing

Referral marketing is a brilliant idea to generate residual referral campaign within the ad networks. Through referral marketing, if you refer a new affiliate to an ad network through your referral link, you will get 2-5 percent commission as a bonus on that referral’s earnings.

Through a focused niche blog on affiliate marketing and how to make money online, it becomes easier to refer a substantial amount of referrals to an ad network.

When compared to past few years, we have witnessed a reduction in approval for new affiliates in the networks. Many networks have reduced their referral program ratios, or have even ceased their referral programs.

Nevertheless, referral marketing is still being used by many bloggers. Just need to have a focused marketing and a consistent approach.


If you are able to bring back your readers on daily or weekly basis to your blog, then you have built it successfully. An excellent content quality is not enough. How many of your readers will simply forget your blog name, or just too busy to return ever.

You have a solution.

Build a list. It is one of the most effective ways to sustain your readership and let them visit again to your blog.

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You can use a lightbox form type in your blog to grab the visitor’s attention. But make sure to make it a so impressive and tempting that the visitor love to subscribe. Many bloggers have experienced 100-300 percent rise in their blog traffic simply by placing a lightbox popup.

Offer incentives

After you start a blog, it will soon become unavoidable for you to offer an e-book or a guide for your readers.


Because e-book or a guide that is created by you, will be an incentive for your readers and its very effective.

If you own a blog with lots of useful content, you can gather all the best pieces and update into one impressive guide or e-book to offer your readers.

When you offer a quality product to your readers for free (with the light boxes discussed above), it will be a motivation to join your mailing list. This will increase your subscribers drastically while offering a valuable incentive to your readers.

Guest Posting

If you are running a blog then you must have faced the problem of thinking for a new post idea. Posting on a daily basis needs time and inspiring ideas that can entice your readers, and that stresses us out as a blogger.

However, through guest posting we can relieve this stress. Guest posting will allow you to offer your readers with a different article each day with a refreshing new source.

Guest posting can be effective in many ways. I get emails all the time for guest posts, however I am selective on which one to publish.

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If you would like to have your guest posts posted on another blog, ensure to send the complete post in an email, without asking to a write a post for them in future.

Several successful bloggers get hundreds of emails on daily basis and your requests can get lost.

If you are concerned to enhance visibility of your own blog, guest posting is always a win-win case.

Want to start with me? Here are few simple guidelines for you.

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