Why Every Blogger Need To Create A Mailing List?

Updated: Aug 16, 2018

Starting a blog is easy and fun. However, most bloggers give up when they fail to get and keep the readers on their blogs.

Why Every Bloggers Needs a Mailing List?

Increasing blog #traffic is a dire need for any blogger if you want develop an impressive following, that will not only make your blog popular, but also will give a prospect to make a good sum of money too!

There is a range of methods to do this, however the most effective I have just discovered is to ask your audience to sign-up for your blog’s mailing list from the beginning of your blog. Creating an email list is undoubtedly the quickest method to grow your audience as well as your base-line.

First, let me briefly explain few of the reasons why creating an email list is mostly underestimated by bloggers, regardless of their experience.

The Underestimated Email

These days many people do not give much importance to #email, even though it has been around since the inception of the World Wide Web. May be that is why email is considered to be out-of-date.

The current trend is inclined towards social media sharing and mostly it feels like they are the only way we should be using to promote our blogs.

I am not contradicting social media platforms as a popular promotional medium, but rather want to share that you are giving more of your attention towards a more easy and direct method to reach your audience. Yes, it is their email box.

As a matter of fact, whereas social media websites have various levels of user interaction, none of them can every compete with the email. You must be thinking how I am so confident about this? Because these platforms still ask new users to sign with their emails!

Also, there are millions of other people who don’t use social media but still use email! It means you are missing out on a huge potential audience if you are investing more time and effort on your social media strategy rather building your email list.

Benefits of Email Lists

Email is a highly effective method to approach a person directly and easily. If people are engaged in your content and they opt-in for your emails, then you can be certain that they are willing to hear more from your end!

The major reason that email is so influential is that how personalized it can be. Your audience will get every email as a direct message from you, which is a remarkable manner to establish a relationship between you and your readers.

In addition, it also offers a huge prospect to drive traffic to your blog, through approach a self-chosen readership of your most loyal readers.

Email listing allows you to create a more direct link with your audience, whether it is for promoting your new blog post, or a product or service you are offering.

Bloggers invest a lot of time creating high quality and engaging content, and they need to make sure that their most interested audience are reading that masterpiece.

Let’s take a look how to build you subscriber list.

Being a blogger or writer, I know you are a business person. That’s why many bloggers are concerned about which tool should they use to handle email list. There are a lot of tools available that are created to assist you handle your email subscriber list, however after checking out all of the most popular ones, I chose Constant Contact.

Constant Contact is the most convenient email listing tool available with a user-friendly and easy to use interface. The best part is that they don’t need a credit card for a free trial.

User-Friendly Interface

Besides other valuable features that Constant Contact offers to its users, the most apparent one is it’s user-friendly interface that makes it super simple for beginner bloggers too.

In fact, Constant Contact is exclusively designed for beginners so that they will be able to get it up and running seamlessly and perfectly.

After you sign up, you will be redirected straight to design your first email with easy to use features, tutorials and live support!

Customize your emails

With Constant Contact, you can get customize your emails as much as you like. This option is the one that I most enjoy and it is apparent why.

Through Constant Contact simple setup, you can select their target reader with every email, whether it is a list of emails or a particular set. There are also a number of ready to use templates that allows you to do your design work.

Such incredible customization allows you to spend more of your quality time in creating excellent content for your readers to enjoy and engage more with your blog, while also being able to promote your content to your readers with impressive and professional emails designed to stun desktop, tablet and mobile users.

Performance Measures

Designing stunning emails is good, but how are you going to check whether or not they have created the desired impact on your website?

Constant Contact presents few of the most comprehensive analytics tools that will help you to check how it is going.

These analytics are offered to help you monitor everything from clicks on the links in your emails to how many people opens your email. It offers a convenient way to conduct a more professional email marketing that eventually turns out to be a profitable return on investment.

How to begin?

Hope by now you have understood the importance of an email list for your blog and how to use Constant Contact that will expedite the process for you. Now it’s time to know how you should start developing your list.

First, make sure to place a form on your blog where visitors find it easily to enter their email address. It will be perfect if you can place it at the top of your website’s sidebar menu.

Offer a good reason to sign-up. This can be done through providing and exclusive content after signing up. For example, a free guide, or a recipe for a food blog.

Creating an exclusive content will help you gain more subscribers as the readers will find some value in it.

Feel free to ask me anything and I would love to help you out in the process!

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