Why You Should Start a Blog for Your Small Business Success?

If you haven’t visited a farm in your life, many of them have a huge brick of mineral for their animals, known as “mineral lick.”

A mineral lick is what the name suggests. It is a mineral bar that animals keep coming back to for a lick to grab much needed nutrients. Now, whether or not you wish your readers to lick their displays is up to you, however you definitely wish them to value your blog as a source of “nutrients” to which they need to come again and ingest.

Why you should start a blog for your small business success?

A small business blog is a marketing tool; however marketing is a hazy term, particularly if you just stepped into entrepreneurship. You might consider sales and #marketing as synonym terms, in purpose and in definition. But they are not.

A sale is the procedure of getting a client to make a purchase; marketing is how you position your brand, service or product, find your clients, and determine how you are going to approach them.

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Thus, you should not start a blog simply to try to make sales. It is a portal where you discover new clients, offer them information, and position your worth - - the virtual mineral lick.

Why do people visit the Internet?

It is a fact, people don’t check the Internet for the only objective of purchasing your #products. They visit because they need information. Your money go in vain when blogs simply try to sell a product without any information. Worse still, they get in the way of an internet users’ search for insight.

That actually points out what a blog should present, doesn’t it?

Primarily, a blog should present relevant information that visitor need to consume. Secondly, it should direct the way to discovering that information without unwanted advertisements blocking the path.

Give, to get.

The sole reason of you being an entrepreneur is to be your own boss. Right? Because you consider yourself as a better performer in your field than anyone else and you decided to go rough.

If you agree to any of these speculations, then you are an expert. Heck, even if you are not an expert, you are daring to chase your dreams the way many are still dreaming to.

Give this insight away for free.

Sharing your #experience, learning, and practices will make your readers to get the information they need (nutrients).

Make sure to do this regularly, until at least you develop a substantial fan following of potential clients who are aware of your services or brand.

Even if they are not willing to buy yet, your product will be strong in their conscious, and they may be sharing your website to others who are willing to buy.

Search engines ranking

Internet is bursting with information. In fact, the total amount of data doubles every 18 months, with an ever increasing pace. How then can you make your content stand out in a sea of information?

Well, search engines are pretty smart. Right after you begin a blog site, the search engine bots (short for robots) place your written content in its algorithms.

With proper grammar and spelling, good sharing and following supports your blog to rank higher in these algorithms.

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Search engines also look out for keywords that users are searching. Depending on how many of the keywords you have used in your blog, it will drive up your blog’s relevancy in search results, or it can sweep you out of the loop based on a lack of it.

Thus, prior you start your blog; you need to be searching for the specific #keywords relevant to your target market.

What are you offering should be original, unique, factual, intriguing, of high quality and relevant to your readers. That’s a lot to manage.

One advice is to concentrate on presenting relevant information that is written well and should be engaging. Sprinkle your keywords later on, however if your content is not good enough, it won’t matter.

In fact, visitors may see your blog and dislike what you are presenting, which could do more harm to your business than good.

Start a Blog

You must be thinking that starting a blog is not that simple and the search engines are keeping an eye on your efforts that makes it even more challenging, should your business manage a blog? The answer is, absolutely yes.

Your business website is more likely to appear higher in the search results if you have a blog as compared to if you don’t have one. These search results are crucial now as ever since more and more people are relying on the Internet to search for their information, solutions and to make purchases.

Let me reinforce this again. Appearing higher in the search engine results is important because the answer is quite obvious and can be verified through your own experience.

When you search for something do you click through every search results or just the results showing on the first page?

You are not alone, over 90 percent of Internet users do the same. In fact few people joke that the best place to find a dead body is the 2nd page of the Google search results.

Thus, the higher your blog in the search engine, the more likely people are finding and using your services or brand.

Frequency of blog posts

Blogging is similar to a work-out which yields maximum benefits if you do it regularly.

That doesn’t mean you need to stress out, just plan to start. At least twice in a month is better than to keep it idle for longer.

My advice is the more frequent the better.

You can also a hire a freelancer blogger to do the work for you.

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One benefit of hiring a freelancer is that you will have more time running your business without taking stress on the marketing aspect much since your new blogger will be doing the job for you. Time is money, especially for entrepreneur. Spend it wisely.

The content of your blog

Once you have blog set up, write about your products, your customers, your success stores, lessons learned from failures.

You can also write about your tales of becoming an entrepreneur, what motivated you, hindered your objectives and how you came over all those obstacles.

The small business value proposition is normally based on a personalized level of concern that a larger business just cannot resemble.

A blog can help you avail that.

Your business success stores can create a link between your #brand and your audience and that is important.

As, building positive relationships with your audience will earn you good reviews and you should not underestimate the power of reviews!

So, think this way, every time you post a blog, you are adding more minerals in your blog to get ingested by your readers!

The more the mineral there is, the more the animals (potential buyers).

Enjoy blogging as a gift of giving and getting!

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